East Coast 9

It took until 1.30pm to get on the water after organising the phone and then taking a short cut. It is 10km from Bud’s place to the end of the peninsula and it is about 500m from his place to the north side of the peninsula. No contest there, on went the wheels and I set off in about 30 degrees. It was hot and sweaty but out on the water things cooled down as the breeze picked up.

About 2.30pm it was on again, full blast with lots of waves, lots of slewing right and paddling hard with the right blade. The waves increased to chest height so I kept my paddle in my hand and did not relax. The water was shallow a lot of the way with fish poles and nets up to 2km further out than me so there were lots of breaking waves.

I missed the finish by going too far but was an hour early. Cell phones don’t work there so a kindly couple allowed me to pull out of the water at their place and call Julianne with a new pick up point. There were lots of pine needles on the ground so I lay down and closed my eyes while I waited. The day had been short but a mad dash through breaking waves and the rest was welcome.

Back at Bud’s, Charley informed me that Charlie is no name for a dog so please excuse my spelling yesterday. Also Cathie corrected me with her spelling. Seems like I got Bud right though. Phew, one out of three.


Stevie boy got wet

way out in the Chesapeake sound

and I take a bet

he only went half way around

when the kayak rolled over

what’s the matter old rover

never heard of the Eskimo roll ?

do 360 degrees and have a ball.

So next time you venture

in a 20 knot breeze

with all sails set

eating your sandwich with cheese

if the wind comes from starboard

lift up your arse

point it in its direction and let go

so to equalise the flow.


Back on the water early the goal was to cross the Potomac.  No worries there. The strong breeze had not come up so it was a very pleasant paddle, although hot with sweat running down my cheeks, all the way up the shore and across to the north side.

I stopped to check with a guy mowing his lawn before crossing. His name was Dan and he knew the bay and the distances so that was a relief. He was also firmly of the opinion that climate change has been invented by the scientists to get funding from the government. Nothing will change his view on that.

Total on the log before heading to New York for a few days R&R is 3462.1km

Nice island out to sea from me2015-06-02 23.29.08

Forest at edge of bay2015-06-03 00.23.07

The route in 2015-06-03 02.46.17

Now to find out where I am2015-06-03 02.46.07

About 1km out but look hard and there are more a lot further out2015-06-03 18.14.33

Shags rule here2015-06-03 18.43.24

The first and only sand hill I saw2015-06-03 20.03.31

Pelicans, finally in numbers we are used to2015-06-03 22.25.07

Finishing over the rocks2015-06-03 22.46.06

Time for a breather2015-06-03 22.46.24

And off to the car in the background2015-06-03 22.47.21