First week in USA

Give me burnt feet, legs that can only shuffle, lee shores with waves crashing over me and the cliffs, pouring rain, searing heat, toxic mud. That was so easy compared to this.

Despite the blind alleys, the obstacles, the bloody systems etc, the past week has seen the following:

  • Bought vehicle Mon and registered in my name with number plates (they usually take them off but the bloke came to the tax office so we didn’t have to)
  • Joined AAA and got a new car battery Wed when it died
  • Bought travel trailer (caravan) Tues and pick it up Wed next week. It was just traded and we got it for about private sale price.
  • Kayak sail was delivered Wed by UPS. Found it at house across the street and a few doors down Friday morning. Cost $458 to send here so was not happy when I couldn’t find it. UPS systems difficult when things go wrong like that.
  • Got crook Wednesday night. Still had nightmares on second night but no hallucinations, muscle weakness, diarrhoea, nausea etc which was the case for nearly 24hrs
  • Klaas’s girlfriend, Lynne, is coming over as soon as she can get a visa. She will stay until the end so he will have company and advice when I am on the water.
  • Got insurance Monday but finalized Friday when I got my Texas license
  • Fabrication shop is making kayak crate rack for bulbar. Should get it fitted Monday. Crate was supposed to be at Houston Friday but not there yet.
  • Have not been able to get a US bank account. Dollar seems to fall every day, but that’s life. Things are not cheap here but not too bad.

Two weeks to go before I get on the water. Can’t wait!!!!

Towing vehicle is a 4WD 2001 Ford ExpeditionIMG_0229


From Klaas

Hi all. Been in the US now over two weeks. Spending some quality time bonding and getting to know Son Number 2 again who has been here two decades.  I am in Austin Texas and the weather is all over the place. When I arrived it was around twenty degrees and sunny. Then 4 days of cold and then lovely sunny, shorts and T shirt weather and today it is back down to 3 degrees. The yanks are strange people. They drive on the wrong side of the road, all light switches work the opposite way and the toilets swoosh from the bottom .On the whole, the Texans are very friendly but they talk “Funny”. That drawl is unmistakable .My son and daughter in law have been wonderful and both Steve and I are staying with them. They have taken us to many memorable places. Kayaking up and down the Colorado river, dining in the world’s largest restaurant (The Oasis, seats 3000 people over 4 floors), the Alamo Theatre where you drink and dine watching the latest movie, and many other unusual dining experiences. Most menus are both in English and Spanish. The Yanks certainly know the word “Service”. On the whole, eating out (everybody seems to do it) is cheaper than Aus. Steve in the meantime is his usual self, (like a can of worms) that can’t sit still and relax for more than 3 seconds and spends hours on the internet chasing this that and other. However, it is all coming together and the expedition now sprouts a Ford Expedition 5.4 litre 4wd yank tank 9 seater and a 29′ Caravan (Travel Trailer in Yank talk). Has all the gadids like press a button and the lounge room slides out .Hopefully tomorrow we pick up the kayak in Houston, but it is not there yet. It had been delayed in transit and Steve has the heebie jeebies about it. That is all from me for now.