Mississippi 5

Big, big day. 56km. To those who said paddling up the Mississippi was impossible: no comment. My old fallback, TEFE comes to mind though. To know what that means you have to read my first book Cry Me a River.

You have probably noticed a difference in the Facebook page. The Farm (http://www.thefarmdigital.com/) noticed our efforts in Australia and have come on board to assist. I am so pleased firstly that they noticed, secondly that they thought enough about our efforts to want to help, and thirdly to make the commitment.

Here I go on yet another foggy day with rain predicted IMG_0629

This grab is unloading brown stuff from a barge that goes up to a processing place that turns it into black stuff. (I think) 2015-03-11 07.58.38

Pounds to peanuts this is a sewage outfall. It looks like old 20:30 standard and my guess is it is from a trickling filter plant. Shame you aren’t here to smell it with me Griffo, I’m sure you would know. 2015-03-11 08.09.02

These guys either nose in or back into the bank and go to sleep. No sign of life, just the engine idling in reverse holding the pusher against the bank 2015-03-11 08.27.52

This is mounds of sand where they were mining the bank but the water rose 2015-03-11 08.47.58

And they moved to higher ground2015-03-11 08.44.35

Here’s a weekender for ya, complete with outside dunny2015-03-11 09.00.37

Day 8 and we finally have an active GPS, although for some reason it started at 24.25 miles and average speed over 100 mph2015-03-11 09.18.31

The fact that it took until now shows the pressure of logistics. We have yet to get a GoPro operating satisfactorily now due to mounting straps chafing.  My jobs are: 1) Logistics enough to paddle  2) Paddle enough to get me to the end on time  3) Record as much as I can bearing in mind 1& 2

Managed to get a shot of upstream of barges. This is the dangerous area 2015-03-11 09.36.57

More sand mining2015-03-11 10.22.39

This diffuser is one of many discharges I have seen2015-03-11 13.31.32

The end of day 1 was at mile 102 so this is a neat 100 miles past that and is also for my old mates at Aquatec Maxcon 2015-03-11 17.03.51

There ya go Siebert. Tired, wet, cold but smiling after 56km!IMG_0632

Chef chose lunch today:

Salmon and mayonnaise sandwich

Ham and mustard sandwich

Selection of fruit

Salad in a separate bowl with jar of special dressing





I know a fellow called Steve,

A voyage he wanted to conceive

to make people aware

and make people care

about the world we live in

It is no allusion

to come to the conclusion

we’ve contaminated the atmosphere

and Global Warming is here.

So he set out in his kayak of yellow

to speak to every fellow

he comes across

the believers and those who don’t give a toss

It is a hard battle

because people are like cattle

and go with the mob

But here and there

there are people that care

and we all can make a difference

So follow your heart

and make a new start

and be of significance